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We invite you to join our community. Rabbi Cat Zavis has recently become a Rabbi of Beyt Tikkun: A Synagogue without Walls. She is partnering with Rabbi Michael Lerner to continue and expand Beyt Tikkun’s spiritual and educational offerings, grounded in a Judaism of love and transformation. You can read about Rabbi Cat here

This transition will substantially increase the expenses of Beyt Tikkun. In addition to the modest salaries for our Rabbis, and costs for our amazing musical director Dr. Amnon Goodman, we will be adding technical and administrative staff to run the religious services online and to facilitate in-person services and holidays, such as Sukkot and Passover. We will be improving the website and upgrading equipment for transmission of services online. We acknowledge and appreciate the volunteer efforts of many members of the congregation in these areas. However, we cannot rely on volunteers given the scope of the enterprise.

The primary benefit of membership is belonging to our dynamic Jewish Renewal community of prayer, ritual, custom, and study. The purpose of our congregation and community is to integrate spiritual and prophetic consciousness with social activism to create a more loving and just world.  Tangible benefits of membership include: 

  • Shabbat, High Holiday, and festival services 
  • Pastoral counseling and selected life-cycle events
  • Educational programs for free or at a discounted rate
  • Newsletters and access to the Members-Only website
  • Members-only gatherings
  • Committee and leadership opportunities
  • Social action project participation 

Membership fees are at least 1% of your total annual income. That donation would equate to $500 for an individual with a total annual income of $50,000. If donating 1% of your income is beyond your means, then the minimum amount for an annual membership is $500 for an individual and $750 for a couple.

We will not turn anyone away for financial reasons. We understand that young adults and older adults on fixed incomes may have difficulty meeting the expectations for dues. Please let us know what you can afford if it is not at the minimum. You can call Alden at 510-644-1200 or email, Monday-Friday 9 am – 1 pm Pacific time.

We hope you will join us!

Membership 5784 (2023/24)

Your gift to Beyt Tikkun EIN# 94-3354385 is tax-deductible in the USA.

Money is not our bottom line. We believe every institution and social practice (including our economy, political system, legal system, educational system, and cultural systems) should be judged efficient, rational, and productive not to the extent that they maximize money and power (the capitalist Old Bottom Line) but rather by our New Bottom Line: the extent to which they maximize our capacities to be loving and generous, kind and empathic, actively supporting environmental sanity and social justice, uprooting racism in all its forms, capable of treating others as a manifestation of the holy (and not valuable solely to the extent that they meet our needs), and responding to the universe with awe, wonder, and radical amazement.

General Giving 5784 (2023/24)