Two Truths in One Heart; Two Peoples in One Land

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Thank you for your interest in our event with Roots/Shorashim/Judur – an Israeli-Palestinian grassroots initiative for understanding, nonviolence, and transformation among Israelis and Palestinians. It was a very informative, moving, and honest presentation and conversation. 

Roots/Shorashim/Judur is a unique network of local Palestinians and Israelis who have come to see each other as the partners we both need to make changes to end our conflict. Based on mutual recognition of each People’s national identity and connection to the Land, Roots challenges the assumptions their communities hold about each other, building trust, and creating a new discourse around the conflict in their respective societies.

The event was free for Beyt Tikkun members. For all others, we ask for a minimum donation of $5.00. We would be most grateful for your donation to support our programming. You can donate below.

You can watch the recording for free by clicking on the button below. Feel free to share it widely. 

We look forward to offering similar events in the future and seeing you there!

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