Yom Kippur Walk Out for Social Justice

Rabbi Lerner and Beyt Tikkun have signed on to participate in an action initiative for Yom Kippur called "18 minute YK Walkout - Restoring Our National Conscience", a call for national Teshuvah/Return. We are asking synagogues, chavurot and individuals as well as members of all faith traditions to set aside 18 minutes on Yom Kippur, Wednesday, September 19, hopefully near or at noontime, to walk in vigil outdoors as an expression of active national teshuvah, to renew and reawaken the American conscience of compassion, not cruelty, of justice, not subjugation.

It would be a non-partisan response to Isaiah's exhortation in the Yom Kippur haftarah we read from Isaiah: that to commit to care for the helpless, the downtrodden, the "other" is more important than prayers and fasts.

Each community could use the time as they see fit and focus on one, some or many of the Jewish values we hold so dear which are being abandoned and abrogated by our current government, discuss in small or large groups, add niggunim or songs, share personal commitments for the coming year, and then resume the service. 

Some communities may prefer a "time-out" and remain indoors for logistical reasons.

The idea of a walk-out was inspired by the high school walkout by teens in Parkland, Florida which became a national action in high schools throughout the country, giving voice to their demands for action on gun control and school safety.

Please refer to the website  www.ykwalkout.net , which fully explains the intention of this "time out". We are asking, if you are in support of this nationwide action, to PLEASE sign on under the "Sign-Up" tab on the site.

Hoping for an Elul of deep reflection and meaningful preparation for the High Holidays,
Beyt Tikkun Synagogue Without Walls