When you join as a member, you become part of our community and receive High Holidays and all other celebrations and Beyt Tikkun events for free from this Rosh Hashanah till Rosh Hashanah 2022. The cost is 1% of your household income but not less than $400 for a couple or $300 for a single. Children are free. Registration closes Sept. 1st.

You can also pay monthly or quarterly, or if you want to be a member but can’t afford this much, we will work out a way you can afford it: call Alden at 510-644-1200 or 
email, Monday-Friday 9 am - 1 pm Pacific time.

Donations to Beyt Tikkun can be listed as charitable donations on your federal income tax.

Money is not our bottom line. We believe every institution and social practice (including our economy, political system, legal system, educational system, cultural systems) should be judged efficient, rational, and productive not to the extent that they maximize money and power (the capitalist Old Bottom Line) but rather by our New Bottom Line: the extent to which they maximize our capacities to be loving and generous, kind and empathic, actively supporting environmental sanity and social justice, uprooting racism in all its forms, capable of treating others as a manifestation of the holy (and not valuable solely to the extent that they meet our needs), and responding to the universe with awe, wonder, and radical amazement.



Email Alden - Click here


Mail a check payable to Beyt Tikkun

Beyt Tikkun
951 Cragmont Ave
Berkeley, CA 94708

Please be sure to include your full name,  email address, snail mail address, phone number, & write "BT Membership"


If you prefer to give your credit card to a live person, call Alden @ (510) 644-1200
Monday - Friday

9 am - 1 pm (PDT)