Beyt Tikkun was founded in August, 1996 by Rabbi Michael Lerner and approximately 30 Bay Area residents. It was founded as a Jewish Renewal Congregation on the basis set forth in the Founding Perspective prepared by Rabbi Lerner. The first events were the High Holy Day services which were held at the University of San Francisco in September, 1996.

The services for both Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur were each attended by more than 300 people and were very well received. Based on the core membership and people who became members out of their participation in the High Holy Day services, Beyt Tikkun began its first year with Shabbat services held two Friday evenings a month at the Noe Valley Ministry. The schedule was expanded to include a joyous Chanukah celebration, a spiritually moving community Passover Seder and celebrations of other holidays, all of which were well attended.

Since the first year, the Congregation, under the guidance of Rabbi Lerner, expanded both in membership and scope of activities. The expansion has included the following:

  • The addition of families with young children and the development of programs for young children, which led to the start in 2001 of religious school classes for children.
  • An annual Shavuot weekend retreat held since 1999 which has empowered the members to develop a closer knit community.
  • Social actions to forward the Congregation’s commitment to Tikkun Olam--healing and transforming the world.
  • A series of workshops providing an "Reintroduction to Judaism" for Jews and non-Jews alike.
  • Annual Fourth of July picnics.
  • Monthly Torah Studies and Shabbat lunches at the Rabbi's house.

Now in its eighth year, Beyt Tikkun is a growing and vibrant community, which offers spiritual nurturing for a diverse population-Jews and non-Jews, married people and singles, straights and gays, families with children. We look forward to continued growth and contribution to our members and to the community at large in the years ahead.