Help Beyt Tikkun Pay the Rent - Join E-Scrip Program

E-Scrip™ provides a no-cost way for you to direct participating merchants to send a portion of what you spend with them to Beyt Tikkun. It takes about five minutes for you to register, either on-line or by completing a registration form and mailing it in.

Why we are asking for your help: Unlike many older congregations, Beyt Tikkun has no endowment funds, and no major grants. Beyt Tikkun's progressive philosophy and Rabbi Lerner's emphasis on social activism have not attracted a wealthy membership to our congregation. Right now we exist almost exclusively on membership dues and income from High Holy Day ticket sales. If we all participate in it, money from this program can help supplement our budget and add a steady source of extra income.


How it works: Many merchants designate a small portion of their yearly income to non-profit organizations and write off these monies as tax-deductible. The E-Scrip program allows the buyers to designate to which charity they want these purchases to go. All this is done electronically when purchases are made by credit card, bank card, grocery store card by registered buyers at participating stores.


What stores participate: You can see the participating stores by going to and clicking on the appropriate links. In addition to regular stores, there are many more merchants that participate with on-line sales only. For a list of these stores, go to and click on the on-line logo.

To Register Online
Jot down our group ID: 3343002

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To Register By Mail
Download this Form
Print, Complete and Mail!